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Janzen Canadian Cutter CD DD "Cutter" August 20, 1997 to March 16, 2009 When Cutter joined our family over 11 years ago, we had no idea the impact that fuzzy bundle of fur would have on our lives. Our first Berner, our first obedience dog, our first draft dog, our first therapy dog and now our first Berner to make that journey. Over the years he taught us so many things. He took on the role of "Fun Police" and never failed to make his disapproval known when someone stepped out of line. Gently but firmly teaching all of us what he felt was acceptable behavior. This was an ongoing process and no one was immune. Through the tears I catch myself smiling at a "Cutterism" that springs to mind. So many memories to give us comfort. So please join our family in a celebration of his life. Open that fridge, pull out that block of cheese and enjoy a big chunk with a toast to Cutter. He was one of a kind and will be missed. Thank you for loving us and sharing your wisdom, Cutter. Always in our hearts, Maureen & Wayne Greaves Onslow, Daisy, Jesse & Aisling

Janzen Canadian Cutter CD DD aka CUTTER born: August 20, 1997 Cutter is our first berner, our first obedience dog, our first draft dog and a certified therapy dog with the PALS program. Cutter is self confident and he's never afraid to express his opinions!

Cutter is a new Companion Dog and officially can add CD to his name!

We didn't get an official photo done, but I thought this photo was nice showing Cutter and I working during the freight haul. Cutter became a draft dog and we added DD to his name!

Cutter in his offical PALS uniform of a blue bandana and blue lead.

Cutter surveying his domain!

Cutter turned 10 years old August 20, 2007. Still as handsome as ever!

Cutter out enjoying the sunshine and snow, just a couple of weeks before he passed away.

**** Information about Cutter's pedigree, health and titles can be viewed on the Berner-Garde website. Please click on the Berner-Garde button to your left. ****

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