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“Onslow” BISS CH Rockymountain Shale CD DD September 5, 2000 to January 1, 2012 Onslow came to us as an adorable 8wk old puppy. It became quickly apparent that he was a bit of a fireball and boy did he have teeth! He was a quick, always eager to please and had a strong work ethic that would continue his entire life. Onslow loved to be the centre of attention. We often joked that it’s “All about Onslow”. It did not matter whether we were at a show, at a trial, at a parade, at a berner walk, at work or just at home, you knew he was there and he never let you forget it! At a show, in his x-pen, you would see him standing on his hind legs looking around almost willing people to come for a visit. At ringside, he would encourage people to come close, then lean in and then eventually roll over on his back for belly rubs. In the ring it was his effortless movement and sheer joy of being there that got people to look and watch him. You could see and feel the transformation in him when the clapping started. Onslow had a fabulous show career that included a BMDCC Best in Specialty (2006), the first BMDCC Versatility Dog to win a BISS, a BMDCC Specialty Award of Merit(2008), a Saskatoon Working & Herding Specialty Best Veteran in Specialty(2008) and multiple group placements in all breed shows. Onslow’s last group placement, a group 4, came at the wonderful age of 9.5years old at the Red Deer show. This past summer, in Calgary, he won Best Veteran in breed just one month shy of his 11th birthday. It was such a thrill and an honor to be at the end of his lead! Onslow loved to pull his cart. It took us quite a while to get a happy balance between speed and safety. He loved to do everything at full throttle and after one draft test that was almost done entirely on one wheel and me at a dead run, he was affectionately given the nickname “Onfast”. We eventually got our act together and got that elusive Draft Dog Title. Living with Onslow meant never a dull moment. He loved life to the fullest and encouraged everyone and everything around him to do the same. Simple things like going for a walk brought on a full on yodeling, jumping frenzy that we were never able to curb...and now I am so glad that I never really tried too hard to stop it. He loved the vacuum and would continually step in front of you so that you could run the vacuum over his back. He loved to lie on the bed and watch us get ready for work each morning all the while waiting for me to run a brush over him so he would be “beautiful” too. At work he would patiently wait for his people to arrive so that they could give him pets and treats. After all it was “All about Onslow”. We had quite a ride my Onslow, you big goober, you were loved and you will be missed. Maureen & Wayne Greaves

August 2, 2008: Onslow takes a Group 3 at the Alberta Kennel Club show in Calgary under Judge Jacqueline Quiros-Kubat. He also took 2nd place in the Veterans Sweeps. Not bad for a boy that is 1 month shy of his 8th birthday!

BISS CH RockyMountain Shale CD DD HIC aka ONSLOW date of birth: September 5, 2000 Onslow is our first Canadian Champion. When he obtained his draft dog title he became a BMDCC Versatility Dog. On June 3, 2006, he took Best of Breed at the BMDCC National Specialty in Edmonton Alberta. 2006 has been a banner year for the "Keeping Up Appearances" campaign with multiple group placements and his BISS award. The final tally has been done and Onslow is #2 Bernese Mountain Dog for 2006!

Onslow meets his Uncle Cutter for the first time.

New Canadian Champion!

New CD!

When Onslow qualified for his Draft Dog title he became a BMDCC Versatility Dog!

One of the advantages of having a true working dog!

****Onslow's pedigree, health and titles can be viewed on the Berner-Garde Foundation website. Click on the Berner-Garde button to your left****

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