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Don't let that demure look fool you. CH Taplacs Daisy aka DAISY Date of birth: November 9, 2004 Daisy is our first owner handled Canadian Champion. Full of spunk it has been an adventure.

When Daisy arrived at the Calgary International Airport, we were experiencing a nasty cold snap. It was -30 celsius and we actually had snow. Well it didn't slow Daisy down. She sniffed, licked and then took off running into the snow drifts with total Berner delight! I didn't want to overload her, so I introduced her to Cutter and Onslow through the fence. Her reaction. A huge growl. That basically set the tone. "I'm Daisy, I'm in charge and don't you forget it!"

The look on Cutter's face says it all!

Daisy finished her Canadian Championship after three weekends of shows with all of her points coming from Best of Winners. She became a Canadian Champion at the Lower Mainland Dog Fanciers Show in Abbotsford, BC. Unfortunately, because I'm unable to count past 9, I didn't realize it until a month later when the summer results were posted. I had a photo done at a following show.

The proof is in the pudding or shall I say the photo! Here is our photo from the Working-Herding Specialty in Red Deer.

On Feb 10/08, Daisy and Onslow gave us our A litter. Four beautiful pups (3 girls / 1 boy). Daisy was a natural mom and enjoyed motherhood to the fullest. One of her pups stayed on at Delagrea, Aisling.

What does the future hold for Daisy? We are working on draft training and I hope we will qualify in a future draft test. Perhaps we can give rally obedience a go?

**** Daisy's pedigree, health and title information can be viewed on the Berner-Garde Foundation website. Please click on the Berner-Garde button to your left ****

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