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In August of 2006, I took over as the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Canada's Rescue Chair. This means that I oversee rescue and rehoming of Bernese Mountain Dogs across Canada with the exception of Ontario, which has their own Regional Rescue group through the BMDCO. In 2007, the BMDCC rehomed 16 Bernese. These dogs came to us either by shelters/humane societies or owner surrender. All these dogs, with the exception of one, were originally purchased from backyard breeders, commercial puppy producers or petstores and were not registered as purebreeds with the Canadian Kennel Club. Unfortunately, lack of screening by the breeders (sellers) and lack of education on behalf of the buyers were the main reason for the dogs being surrendered to us. The dogs on this page are only the dogs that we have assisted in Alberta.

Spring 2006 - Karma was surrended to BMDCC Rescue and after a couple of weeks with us, she was adopted by a wonderful family northeast of Calgary.

Summer 2006 - Moses was surrendered to Rescue by her 2nd owner. After some investigation, we were able to locate her breeder. The original owners had moved and then sold Moses to another person without the breeder having any knowledge of what was happening, thus violating their original contract with the breeder. When we contacted the breeder, she was thrilled to finally know where Moses was and we quickly made arrangements for Moses to be returned to her care. This is one of the differences between a reputable breeder and the others. A reputable breeder has in their contract that contact must be maintained and if, for any reason, the owners can no longer keep their dog, the breeder MUST be notified.

Fall of 2006 - Sasha was surrendered to the BMDCC and lived with us for over six weeks. On Oct 4th, her new family picked her up to take her home to Saskatchewan. We're really going to miss this sweet little girl, but I know her new family is going to love her to bits! News flash!!! Sasha and her family re-located to Edmonton in May 2007.

Sep/07 - Otis was surrendered to us by his owners. Otis suffered with severe food allergies but otherwise was wonderful boy. We were able to place him with a loving family on an acreage south of Calgary. Unfortunately, shortly after he was adopted he was diagnosed with IBS which did not respond to diet changes or medication. The heartbreaking decision was made to release him and he made his journey to the Rainbow Bridge in early December 2007. Thank you to his foster and adoptive home for giving him love and attention for the short time he was with you.

Nov/07 - Bentley (now known as Tobi) was surrendered to Rescue by his owners at the tender age of 7wks 6dys. UPDATE: Tobi is living with a wonderful family in Calgary and doing very well. He is actively training for obedience and rally so watch for him at up-coming shows!

July 2008 - Here is Ben a happy 2 year old enjoying a hiking trip to Kananskis Lake with his Foster Mom, Simona. UPDATE: Ben has been adopted by a wonderful family and now resides in a small community east of Red Deer.

August 2008 - Meet Gracie. Gracie was surrendered to us at the ripe old age of 10wks. Gracie (now known as Zoey) has been adopted by a great family in the Red Deer area!

May 2009 - Cooder (now known as Boulder) was surrendered by his original owner to Rescue as his original owner knew he needed more family time than he was able to give him. Boulder was adopted by a wonderful family in a community south of Calgary.

June 2009 - Angel was surrendered into our care by her family when their situation changed and Angel was no longer getting the attention she needed and deserved. Angel was adopted by Sasha's family (see Sasha above) in the Edmonton area. Sasha and Angel quickly became best buddies.

For further information about Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue, please contact me or go to the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Canada website (found on our links page). We are always looking for foster and adoptive homes.

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