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About Us

Delagrea is a reserved kennel name with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC). We are a proud preservation breeder of CKC registered Bernese Mountain Dogs and are located just outside the city of Calgary in Alberta Canada. We live on 20 acres that we share with our quarter horses, a few barn cats and of course our Bernese Mountain Dogs.

I am a member in good standing of the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Canada (BMDCC), The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America (BMDCA), The Newfoundland Dog Fanciers of Alberta (NDFA) and the Calgary Associated Dog Fanciers (CADF). I have held various board positions with the BMDCC including President and currently I am the National Rescue Chair.

I'm passionate about educating the public and potential new Bernese owners about the breed and how to find a good breeder. Finding a breeder that you trust and feel comfortable with is paramount. That breeder should be truly invested in the breed, their health, and their future.

I have been involved with Bernese since 1997 and still consider myself relatively new with a lot to learn!

I believe that all breeding dogs should be shown in some venue whether it be conformation or a performance event such as obedience, rally, or draft. Participating in these events prove that a Bernese is of breeding quality by showing that they conform to the Breed Standard and not only look like a Bernese Mountain Dog but also act like a Bernese Mountain Dog. In addition to proving that your dog conforms to the breed standard, showing also enables the owner to meet and build their tribe of fellow Bernese owners and breeders. Responsible, ethical, preservation breeders do not exist in a vacuum and need to be a part of the breed community to keep current on ever changing health studies, breeding practices and breed information in general.

All Bernese used for breeding should have health testing completed. These health tests include:

  • X-rays of the hips and elbows that are submitted to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for screening and grading to verify that the dog does not have signs of dysplasia or other anomalies OR hip x-rays can be submitted to PennHip for grading (hips only as PennHip does not grade elbows).
  • Eyes examined by a board-certified ophthalmologist to ensure that the eyes are clear of any inherited eye diseases
  • Heart examined by a board-certified cardiologist to ensure that the heart is free of any inherited heart diseases
  • Genetic testing for vonWillebrands and both genetic tests for DM (degenerative myelopathy) these tests are simple cheek swabs that can be taken at any time of the dog’s life
  • Additional tests that a breeder may utilize may include Histiocytic Sarcoma (Test SH) and x-rays of the shoulders

This is an investment not only in the breeding dog themselves but also in the future puppies that they may produce.

I believe that all breeders should be members of their National and / or Regional Bernese Clubs and actively participate in the club events where possible. Membership in a Bernese club shows their commitment to the breed and its history, integrity and overall well being.

The journey to learn about the breed and the people involved with the breed has been very interesting. My primary objective with being involved with the BMDCC and other smaller groups is EDUCATION! I feel that it is just as important to talk about the breed as a good choice for someone as it is to convince someone that the Bernese Mountain Dog is not the breed for them.

- Maureen Greaves